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I’m about to share with you exactly how you can look AND feel your best on your wedding day without needing to stress about the diet or exercise plan required to get you there!


I want to share an incredible story about how a bride to be worked her butt off to drop 30 pounds in five months to look her best for her special day and how the approach she took has enabled her to keep that weight off 4+ months (and counting) since her special day – and yes, she did take a two-week honeymoon to Europe!

This is Kaila’s story.

Kaila reached out to me in late March 2017 with a goal of losing 30 pounds before her August 2017 wedding.

When she initially reached out, Kaila had already been dieting for a month, but was concerned with the sustainability of her approach and feeling her best on her special day.

Rather than dieting the next 17.5 weeks, or, 123 days – who was counting – and risking having Kaila walk down the aisle faint and fatigued while trying not to collapse due to five months of severe caloric restriction, we decided to take another approach.

Instead, we devised a periodized plan that consisted of both weight loss and weight maintenance phases to ensure she never felt as if she was being starved, she maintained high energy throughout her wedding preparation, and was confident in maintaining her leaner physique post-wedding.

We spent the first six weeks dieting, bringing the duration of her initial diet to 10 weeks – remember, she’d been dieting roughly a month prior to me working with her.

Next, we transitioned to a six-week maintenance phase to:

Give her mind and body a break from the psychological and physiological stress brought about by a calorie deficit
To restore diet-induced adaptations that had taken place, such as a reduction in her metabolic rate and thyroid hormone production
And to actually increase food to enhance energy and performance and to ultimately give her more food to work with during the next dieting phase

During this maintenance phase, we were able to increase Kaila’s baseline calorie intake by nearly 500-calories and she actually continued to lose a few more pounds as her metabolism sped back up.

We then transitioned to another dieting phase throughout the next 4.5 weeks, where she lost another 6 pounds and one more waist size.

Lastly, 12 days before the wedding, when wedding-related stress was peaking, we brought calories back up and transitioned to a weight maintenance phase to alleviate some of the diet-induced stress that had increased the past month – this adjustment is crucial in preventing rapid weight regain post-wedding.

Between late March and early August, Kaila lost 25 pounds and was thrilled with how she looked and felt on her special day!

The four months leading into Kaila’s wedding were precisely planned and periodized to help her lose weight in a sustainable manner so that she could look and feel sexier than ever before on her wedding day.

The approach was also carefully crafted to help her easily maintain her hard-earned physique after it was all over.

It was incredible to see the body composition changes that took place – even during the weight maintenance phase – and the amount of energy she had each step of the way.

Other wedding preparation diets starve you for an extended period and leave you feeling as if you can’t even look at your wedding cake without gaining 10 pounds.

The Fit In Your Dress bundle does not.

Other programs also set you up for rapid weight regain after your special day because they do not instill a basic framework of sustainable, healthy eating habits.

The Fit In Your Dress Bundle Does.


The Fit In Your Dress Bundle may turn out to be your single best investment for your special day!

And Who Am I!?

My name is Paul Salter and I am a Registered Dietitian and Weight-Loss Expert. The past few years, I’ve worked 1:1 with over 700 women just like you and have helped them transform their lives while collectively losing thousands of pounds of body fat.

I’ve had the privilege of working with dozens of brides to be and the Fit In Your Dress Bundle is equipped with every tool possible to help you – just like the lovely women I’ve worked with – look and feel their best on their special day.

Paul Salter, MS, RD, LD, CSCS

What The Fit In Your Dress Bundle Includes


Personalized nutrition plan crafted by a Registered Dietitian that will provide you with precise portion recommendations beginning 6+ months out from your special day through 3 months post


Customizable complementary 41-week resistance training plan + specific cardio plan


(2) complimentary 30-minute video calls with me


A continuously updated FAQ and supporting “how-to” materials


“Honeymoon Survival Guide” (eBook)


Access to the Progress-Compliance Tracker


Access to a private Facebook group with other future beautiful brides to be


12 plan-friendly breakfast recipes


12 plan-friendly dessert recipes


20 High-Intensity Workouts


The guidance, education, support, and decision-making you need to look and feel your best on your special day!

Personalized Nutrition Plan

The 9-Month Periodized, Individual Nutrition Plan (9PINP) and is hand-crafted by yours truly. After thoroughly reviewing the questionnaire you complete, I will provide you with a detailed long-term plan that helps you navigate diet and maintenance phases beginning 6+ months out from your special day through three months post- special day. You’ll receive precise portions recommendations and nutrient timing so there’s no guesswork required!

Complementary Resistance Training Plan

This 41-week resistance training program is constructed to help accentuate the areas on your body that your dress hugs and exposes. The program guides you through four different phases depending where you’re at in your wedding day journey. The organized, colorful, and professional design allows you to seamlessly navigate each phase. All you need to do is select the specific exercises, and the sets, repetitions, rest breaks, and even the cardio is done for you!

Honeymoon Survival Guide

This easy-to-read eBook addresses common concerns and worries about maintaining your hard work during and after your honeymoon.

I will answer the most frequently asked questions I receive on this subject and provide you with a precise blueprint to enable you to enjoy your honeymoon without feeling guilty or getting off track!

Delicious, On-Plan Recipes

Sometimes you need to indulge – I get it! Especially as wedding stress inevitably mounts. These recipes are crafted to cater to your sweet tooth, yet, they’re built in such a way that a portion (or two!) easily fits on your plan – indulge, enjoy, and stay on track all at the same time!

Progress-Compliance Tracker

The Progress-Compliance tracker is an easy-to-use, objective tool that will enable you to track compliance to your nutrition plan and bodyweight, and will ultimately paint a picture of whether you should move to your next phase, or, hold back until consistency improves.

(2) 30-Minute Video Calls

In addition to a FREE 30-minute kick-off video call with me, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule two 30-minute video any time until three months post-Wedding.

There’s Practically No Thinking Or Decision-Making Required With
The Fit In Your Dress Bundle!


See What Beautiful Brides Had To Say About Working With Me!

Working with Paul during the last phase of wedding planning was a life saver! With the stress, and never-ending tasks… having a template prepared especially for me and my goals made all the difference. I’d highly recommend working with Paul if you’re serious about your wedding day goals! I was very pleased with the end results.

Jamie B

Working with Paul prior to my wedding held me accountable which was crucial to following the nutrition plan that he made for me. His advice and expertise gave me the tools to look exactly how I wanted to in my wedding dress.

Shely W.

Working with Paul leading up to my wedding day was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Paul was able to help me diet up until the appropriate time frame before my wedding day. We communicated weekly with how I was feeling and let me just say, the results were so great, I had to stop the diet a little early due to my dress getting a little too big! Paul began to add food back into my daily intake and helped reassure me that this was the right thing to do for my wedding day, even though I wanted to continue the diet. I felt energized, less stressed and was able to stick to the diet weeks before my wedding without cravings or anxiety.

Morgan S.

When I set a date to get married I knew that I wanted to feel great but let’s be honest I knew I wanted to LOOK amazing too! Working with Paul to make sure I hit my goals in the gym and that I fit well in my wedding dress on the big day was surprisingly EASY…what? Dieting isn’t easy!!?? Well ,Paul helps make it so, gave me a cheat day perfectly timed and kept me motivated and fueled to continue to hit my fitness goals but to also feel confident and ready to rock my wedding day in my beautifully “snug” dress. Paul has a way of setting my meal plan so that I don’t feel deprived, there were a few times where things got tough but he walked me through those moments with jokes and lots of encouragement. I am confident that I wouldn’t have been able to meet my goals without him by my side. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it….I promise you it most definitely is! Thank you, Paul, for helping me find ME (and my abs :wink:.

Julie D.

I started working with Paul back in March 2017 because I wanted to lose weight for my wedding in August. Throughout my first diet, Paul was absolutely amazing! He kept me motivated and provided consistent reassurance when I needed it most. He was always there to answer any questions I had, and he continues to be there when I need him. I was successful in losing over 25 pounds before my big day! I felt confident and beautiful for my wedding! Not only did I consistently lose weight, but I gained strength in the gym and learned to eat healthy and fuel my body.

Kaila S.

Start Working To Look And Feel
your Best On Your Special Day Today!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does The Fit In Your Bundle Cost?

The Fit In Your Dress Bundle is yours for one low payment of $597.00 USD!

Have a bridesmaid(s) or future spouse who wants to look and feel their best on your special day? Email me at paul@paulsaltercoaching.com with the specific number and see how you can get your bundle absolutely FREE!

What’s Included In The Fit In Your Dress Bundle?
  • Personalized nutrition plan crafted by a Registered Dietitian that will provide you with precise portion recommendations beginning 6+ months out from your special day through 3 months post
  • Customizable complementary 41-week resistance training plan + specific cardio plan
  • (2) complimentary 30-minute video calls with me
  • A continuously updated FAQ and supporting “how-to” materials
  • “Honeymoon Survival Guide” (eBook)
  • Access to the Progress-Compliance Tracker
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other future beautiful brides to be
  • 12 plan-friendly breakfast recipes
  • 12 plan-friendly dessert recipes
  • 20 High-Intensity Workouts
  • The guidance, education, support, and decision-making you need to look and feel your best on your special day!
How Long Is The Nutrition Plan For?

The Periodized Individual Nutrition Plan is a 9-month plan that is set-up to have you begin preparing for your special day six months prior and then carries through the first three months after your wedding to ensure you maintain all of your hard work.

It’s a 9-month plan.

How Long Is The Accompanying Training Plan?

You’ll be provided with a 41-week training plan, but the beauty is that this 41-week plan can be used over and over as it’s appropriately periodized with periods of higher and lower volume to help you continue making progress all year long!

What If I Have A Question About My Nutrition Plan?

Upon receipt of your plan, you’ll receive a detailed overview from me and the opportunity to schedule a FREE 30-minute video kick-off call with me to hash out any lingering questions. Additionally, you’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group to share questions, successes, and challenges with other future brides to be.

I will be live in our private Facebook group weekly asking questions and engaging with you. Furthermore, you’ll gain access to a “Members-Only” section of PaulSalterCoaching.com where you’ll have access to a continuously updated (with videos and written text) FAQ!

What If I Have A Question About The Training Plan?

You can ask me during one of our video calls or post in our private Facebook group! Your best option will be to review both the start-up guide I provide you AND the “Member’s-Only” area FAQ

What If My Wedding Is More Than 6 Months Away?

When I assess your questionnaire answers and timeline I will provide you the necessary guidance to navigate the months before you’re six months from your wedding to ensure you are set-up for success.

What If My Wedding Is Less Than 6 Months Away?

I will help you look and feel as best as you possible can in this shorter duration and then provide extended guidance post-Wedding until we reach nine months.

What If My Bridesmaid(s) Or Future Spouse Want To Purchase The Bundle?

Email me at paul@paulsaltercoaching.com with the specific number and see how you can get your bundle absolutely FREE! I can and will absolutely provide specific plans for men, too!

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