*Please note that I serve as a Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutrition Consultant With Renaissance Periodization


Let Me Take Care Of All Of Your Nutrition Worries And Help You Reach Your Goals While Providing Limitless Education, Encouragement, Laughter, And Support!


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Hi there! My name is Paul Salter and I am a Registered Dietitian and Weight Loss Expert. The past few years, I’ve worked 1:1 with over 700 men and women just like you and have helped them to transform their lives while losing thousands of pounds of body weight and building hundreds of pounds of muscle.

My passion is providing men and women just like you the education, encouragement, and communication necessary to help them reach their health, physique, and performance goals and to actually maintain their hard-earned progress for the months and years to come!

I take an education-driven approach and firmly believe that positivity and communication are the two most valuable factors that influence the success of my coaching-client relationships.

Who Have I Worked With?


Brides To Be

I’ve coached numerous brides to be look and feel their best on their special day


Post-Partum Mothers

I’ve coached several post-partum mothers looking to return to their pre-baby weight


Aspiring Confident Bikini Wearers

I’ve coached single and married women gain the confidence needed to rock a bikini


Dads And Dads To Be

I’ve coached  married men rid their dad bods and single men get chiseled


Ageless Wonders

I’ve coached hundreds of men and women look and feel their best at 40, 50, and over 60 years old


Full-Time Working Parents

I’ve coached full-time working parents, those that go to school, and those that work 2+ jobs lose weight and feel better


Recreational and Competitive CrossFitters, Powerlifters, Olympic Weightlifters, Bodybuilders, and Figure Competitors

I’ve coached hundreds of recreational and competitive athletes to various podium, medal, and trophy finishes, including winning weight classes and overalls in Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting, and placing top 10 in Region and top 50 in state in The CrossFit Open


Elite Youth, Collegiate, Professional, and Olympic Athletes

I’ve coached elite athletes about their nutrition and supplementation habits and formulated precise eating plans to provide them the extra 1 – 2 percent they needed to dominate their competition at the highest level

See the awesome, sustainable progress my 1:1 premium coaching clients have achieved.

What You’ll Receive!

An unmatchable level of detail and precision to provide you with a highly-individualized nutrition plan that enhances consistency and sustainability An individualized plan that takes into account your diet and exercise history, medical history, allergies, preferences, schedule, goals, and more An education-focused approach to ensure that you don’t feel as if you need to work with me forever…I want you to feel confident crushing your nutrition goals on your own when our time is done! Unlimited email communication and FAST response times An unparallell level of care, communication, trust, and support


See What Some Of My 1:1 Clients Are Saying!

How To Get Started

  1. Visit the sign-up page by clicking on the checkout button above or below.
  2. This button will take you to https://renaissanceperiodization.com/product-category/coaching/ where you’ll be provided the opportunity to select between a 3, 6, or 12-month 1:1 nutrition coaching package.
  3. Once you select your desired duration, you’ll be taken to a checkout page. On this page, select “Paul Salter” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Shortly after signing up, you’ll receive two documents via email: a liability waiver and questionnaire. Please complete both and then send to me – I will reach out via email shortly after receiving confirmation of your purchase.

See What Some Of My 1:1 Clients Are Saying

Working 1:1 with a nutrition coach, especially with Paul, is an investment I would thoroughly recommend to anyone trying to breakthrough diet and training plateaus. Over the past 11 weeks, I have lost over 9 pounds, going from 148 pounds to 138.9, never lost strength, PR’d a couple of lifts, had my best CrossFit Open finish to date, and feel more energized and stronger during training than ever. With Paul’s education and assistance, fueling my body appropriately has become a lifestyle that I will continue to follow into the future and look forward to the rewards I will continue to reap from doing so.

Tricia W.

I can honestly say I have never felt this good in my life! My strength and endurance are the best they’ve ever been. My mood and energy levels have increased significantly. Sticking to this way of eating has become my normal way of life. Fueling my body properly is a priority, and I couldn’t have done it without Paul!

Kellie H.

I keep every email correspondence with Paul. He is literally filled with knowledge nuggets and drops them freely and without judgment. He has answered every single one of my questions super quick. He always managed to make me feel special and a priority, and I could tell he put thought and time into responding to my (what must have seemed like millions of) questions. This was important to me because 1:1 is a considerable investment. It has been 110% worth it with Paul Salter, and I truly cannot express my gratitude or enthusiasm about him adequately in words.

Katie M.

Since my primary goal was to lose fat, I was caught completely off guard by my immediate improvement in performance. While it’s difficult to quantify, simply fueling my body properly at the right times added a gear to my workouts which I had never seen before. Within short order, I was performing better than many other athletes at my gym which had historically always done better – this is all thanks to Paul’s advice and support!

Charles O.

Working with Paul was such a great experience. He was very helpful and super knowledgeable about nutrition and able to answer any questions I threw at him. There was always positive reinforcement and lots of encouragement, no matter if I hadn’t lost anything, gained a pound back, or lost half a pound. He was super supportive! I started at 155 pounds and ended at 137 pounds. I lost a total of 18 pounds, thanks to Paul’s motivation and help! More importantly, because of Paul’s guidance, I gained so much knowledge and regained my confidence.

Casey B.

I feel lighter on my feet and like I have so much more energy. My confidence is also at an all-time high. The knowledge of how my body responds to certain foods is growing and I’m learning how to have a social life while dieting. It is possible. The adjustments to my diet and understanding why he’s doing what he’s doing is what I really like about working with him. For me, the education is most important. Give a man a diet and he might lose 20 pounds. Teach a man how to eat and he’ll make it his life!

Mike Q.

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