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A Dietitian weighs In: Hiya Health Vitamins Review

Kids multivitamins has been trendy as a “substitute” edible gummy or chewable for nutrient replacement. The latest and greatest way to take a kids multivitamin? Enter: Hiya Health Vitamins. Who doesn’t love a chewable?

With so many wild claims by influencers on Instagram and reviews on multivitamin supplement company websites, let’s take a look at the real-live evidence. Keep reading for this dietitian’s Hiya Health Vitamins review!

hiya vitamins bottle with stickers

Today, kids are handed what I like to call, “sweet treat vitamins” such as Smarty Pants and First Day. And, while this may be a quick fix to get your kids to quiet down and take a vitamin two times per day, it doesn’t solve the bigger issue at hand – HEALTHY VITAMINS.

In this post, I’m going to cover Hiya Health – a healthy vitamin for kids company created by two dads (yea, I can relate). Their main goal is to provide a healthier tablet option of a vitamin, rather than sugar-sweet gummies. Their claim: gummy vitamins are not nearly as healthy as non-gummy vitamins. Let’s explore, shall we?

Why Do Kids Need Better Vitamins?

As a RD (Registered Dietician), I can assure you that most kids vitamins are secretly filled with added sugar, artificial flavors and non-organic fruits and vegetables.

In a recent study of Assessing Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements Marketed to Children by the National Library of Medicine, it was found that a considerable amount of “brand name” companies that produce kids vitamins and medical experts are not on the same page. As a matter of fact, there are many false claims of nutrient-packed vitamins that are actually sugar-filled gummies.

Kids need the proper nutrients, not sugar loaded sweets dressed as multivitamins that promise vitamins, minerals and organic fruits and veggies. Enter: Hiya Health, your new kid’s healthy vitamin solution?

What are Hiya Health Vitamins, Exactly?

Hiya Health Vitamins are essential super nutrients for kids. Actually, there are 15 essentials that make these vitamins stand alone amongst fan-favorite bottles.

hiya health vitamins package with fruits and veggies

These vitamins are made with fruits and veggies. The company takes 12 organic fruits and veggies and 15 essential vitamins and minerals, blending them into one super-charged chewable to help fill the gap in common nutritional diets. In addition, Hiya’s vitamins are naturally sweetened. This means no added sugar, but if you’re wondering where the “natural sugar” comes from, no problem – each chewable is sweetened with monk fruit. Monk fruit is a super fruit that gets its sweetness from its unique antioxidants.

What does this mean?

Pretty simple – less trips to the dentist. Believe me, I’ve been down that road before. In fact, my dentist mentioned my children would see tooth decay if we weren’t careful what we are giving them. That’s when my dentist recommended Hiya Vitamins, and it compelled me to write an honest review on how my kids are doing with them.

What Are the Ingredients in Hiya Vitamins?

Like I mentioned before, there are 15 essential vitamins in Hiya’s multivitamins for kids. Those are:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Thiamin (B1)
  • Riboflavin
  • Folate (B9)
  • Vitamin B12
  • Biotin (B7)
  • Pantothenic acid (B5)
  • Calcium
  • Iodine
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Manganese
  • Fruits, Veggies and more
Hiya Health Vitamins Supplement Facts - Ingredients list

How Are My Kids Liking These Vitamins?

We used to take First Day Vitamins for kids (which are awesome by the way). However, like I mentioned before, my dentist was very concerned with my children’s teeth. So, I decided to take her advice and go with Hiya.

I will be very honest, so listen up parents. Hiya’s vitamins are NOT sweet-tasting vitamins. All three of my kids would RATHER take First Day any day of the week. Moreover, I would be saving hard conversations and frustrations if I just gave my kids First Day. However, I made a commitment to improve my kid’s dental hygiene.

After 4 full months of giving my kids Hiya vitamins, my dentist sees a monumental improvement in their teeth. That’s peace of mind.

Did it take a few weeks to get used to? Of course. Was it easy to transition from the sugar gummy to the non-sugar chewable? HELL NO!

But, we stuck with it. Ultimately it was the best decision I’ve made as a parent in a long time. As a registered dietician, it’s a no-brainer.

What Age Are Hiya’s Multi Vitamins For?

Hiya multi vitamins are designed for girls and boys starting at age two (2) through mid-teens. The brand recommends parent supervision for ages 3 and under, so that the child can chew and swallow responsibly.

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Bottom Line: Hiya Health Vitamins Review

Is it worth taking Hiya Health Vitamins for kids? Short answer: Yes.

As far as multivitamins for kids is concerned, there are not many “natural / organic” options out there that have 0g of sugar. The easy way out as a parent is to offer your kid a “tasty” vitamin so they’ll just take it and move on with the day. However, this isn’t doing you or them any good to their teeth.

Healthy Eating Tips to Help With Your Effective Weight Loss Program

If you want to lose weight and want your weight loss program to be effective, you must engage in healthy eating. With healthy nutrition, you can maintain the required energy and get rid of the surplus body fats.

As mentioned in our previous post of healthy weight loss tips, for an effective weight loss plan, you need to be patient and determined to achieve the desired result because it is a long term program. This can be said with any nutrition plan – stick to it and give your full effort to reach your goals.

try to healthy eating plans - like a salad - to lose weight

How do you know which Nutrition Brand to Choose?

There are countless brands out there and it can be difficult to narrow your choices down. According research, 31% of people trust direct-to-consumer (D2C) nutrition brands enough to buy from them that have a health claim (ie: weight loss).  Here, at Paul Salter Coaching, we have dedicated our lives to helping people just like you choose the best direct-to-consumer nutrition brands that will help you live the healthy life you want to live. These brands that we regularly discuss on our podcast are coming out with new technology, better programs that are scientifically proven, and have success stories that will get you excited to start.

Our Best Tips to Eating Healthy & Losing Weight

banner of healthy foods

The following tips will not only help you look healthy, but will also helps you remain in shape.

Eat Breakfast: A healthy breakfast is compulsory to set off your day in the right manner. Your body gets the required amount of energy, and the blood sugar levels remain normal. Regular breakfast results in fewer meals throughout the day compared to a day without breakfast. You can enjoy gradual weight loss and stop weight gain by eating less meal through the day.

Add more protein: The primary reason for weight gain is the result of eating too many calories. Adding a little protein to your meal can be a better substitution for calories.

Eat more vegetables: Fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables can be an excellent replacement for junk food such as candy bars and chips.
Decrease stress: Severe stress can release abnormally high levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, leading to weight gain. Make an obligation to decrease the expanse of stress in your life.

Reduce your food quantity: Too much food at one meal will mean you are putting too much fuel into your body, which triggers excessive body fat. Eat standard portions of foods if you focus on choosing a healthy and prosperous weight loss. Try to avoid the slump in mid-afternoon to maintain healthy levels of blood sugar.
Get more sleep: Hit the bed early as lack of sleep even over some time can considerably influence your attempt to lose weight and even lead to other unhealthy condition.

Add fruits to your meal: A combination of fruits in the diet is perfect for weight loss. Fruits like grapes and oranges can replace unhealthy alternatives. Once you feel hungry, it is advisable to grasp fresh seasonal fruits. It will keep you away from harmful candies and snacks.

fruits in your diet

Eat little snacks through the day: If you let your body become starved in between meals for long, you will likely consume a larger portion of food at your next meal since the body has become hungry for any available food. Eating smaller snack-sized meals (4 or 5) throughout the day is a better option to two or three larger meals because it will keep your body continually nourished so there won’t be a need to deal with uncomfortable food cravings.

Drink a lot of Water with Every Meal: If you are yet to develop the healthy habit of drinking water, this should be your utmost priority. There are abundant health benefits that natural water provides. Aside from that, water has zero calories per serving. It also aide digestion, hydrate the body, flushes out body impurities, and so on.

Trade-in your energy drink, juice, soda for a glass of water: Drink a large glass of water 11-15 minutes before a meal, and another water volume during and after the meal.

Daily workout: make sure you exercise your body daily as this reduces and burn the body fat rapidly and keeping the muscles healthy.

Avoid rushing your Food: One way to monitor your weight and caution the quantity of food you eat is to desist from rushing your food when eating to avoid overeating. Give your body time to register the quantity of food entering your body, which can take up to 20 minutes, and you will realize that you have been eating more in the past compare to your present meal rate.

Plan a food diary: planning a food diary can help recognize food choices that may affect your weight loss program objectives. Checking the foods that you are regularly eating can help solve any weight-loss program barrier.

Is a healthy diet right for your weight loss goals?

The one thing we’ve dedicated our lives to here is nutrition and weight loss. There is, without question, always room to improve your diet and improve your health. We believe that if you improve your health and your diet, weight loss follows and takes care of itself.

For what it is worth, this always remains consistent with our clients – you must follow the plan, believe in it and don’t stop until you reach your goals. Then, after you reach your goals, keep working towards another. Live the life you want to live. Be healthy and eat well!

5 Weight Loss Tips For Healthy People

Don’t we all wish that losing weight was as easy as gaining it? Weight loss is, however, not as hard as you think it is. “Easy” and gradual weight loss requires an altogether different approach. You may have tried to “aggressively” lose weight in the past doing extremely long and impossible workout sessions, accompanied by difficult and unsatisfying diet plans, the result: unsustainable weight loss “success.”

Nutritional Habits

It is time you did something different. It’s high time you enjoyed the process of losing weight just as much as you probably enjoyed adding said weight. In your fitness journey, little things make the difference.

The logic behind weight loss is simply to burn more calories than you consume, not to aggressively consume less. Sounds simple right? But first, where do you start?

Start small & in your comfort zone

For many people, at the start of their fitness journey, the thought of walking into a gym to work out could be terrifying. If you find working out in a gym a little daunting, you could start by walking around your neighborhood several times a week for say, 30 minutes, and gradually increase the time for each session. Alternatively, you could start working out at home using your bodyweight alone till you feel more confident about walking into a gym.

Regardless of if you are using a gym or working out at home, you should start small and within your comfort zone, then gradually build it up. Build confidence gradually by taking baby steps and making small changes.

You’ve got to want it—and badly enough

Truly wanting to lose weight will get you started on that fitness journey and keep you going when your muscles are screaming during a workout session. Don’t be desperate though. Your motivation to lose weight should stem from a desire to live as physically and mentally healthy as you can, and not from a place of negativity, insecurity, and self-criticism. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Keep everything simple

Keep your diet simple. A simple diet could consist of lean proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats, and leafy greens. Cut down on processed foods (many times, these are the real culprits) and replace them with healthier, organic foods.

Keep your workout simple also. Complex and acrobatic exercises would be sure to land you in the ER especially if you are at the start of your fitness journey. Long and tiring workout sessions wouldn’t do you any good, instead, it’ll have an opposite effect.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, simplify your fitness routine.
Eat a combination of carbs and high-proteins at every meal
Yes, it’s just as you read. Every meal should be a mix of proteins and carbs in defined proportions depending on your peculiarities. For instance, how active your lifestyle is, will determine the number of healthy calories you should consume per meal.

Indulge in fruits, not sugary delights

Avoid sweets. Swap those sugary treats for fruit. Fruits are super sweet and will effectively fill that sugary void if you give it a chance.

These simple lifestyle changes would make all the difference in your fitness journey. The process may seem slow, but keep at it, don’t give up, and you are sure to lose all that unwanted weight.

Starting Your Diet Right as a Woman

Starting a brand new diet can feel exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You most likely want to lose weight or get in shape for your next big event. Although you found something special, you still may have doubts or think there’s too much to handle.

That’s where I come in. Hi, I’m Paul Salter, and I want to share my knowledge, skills and health and nutrition coaching success for women and moms.

I have helped countless women not only find, but also stick to a natural diet that helps them reach their health goals. I can’t wait to help you out next. All you have to do is start your diet off right and I can be there to help you along the way.

If you are interested in learning more or starting a new healthy nutrition customized plan, fill out our form or send me an e-mail.