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The Truth About 4 Popular Fad Diets You May Consider Doing In January 2018

Each year a new diet makes headlines for its purported ability to help you drop 20+ pounds in a very-short time-frame with virtually no effort. And as marketers have become savior, and company’s smarter, wordy claims and sciency sentences have made these fad diets more believable. Before you plan your 2018 New Year’s resolution, make sure you give this article a read and share it with those you know who are also contemplating a weight-loss resolution this upcoming year.

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Why Are You Dieting?

The first Monday of every new year, hundreds of millions of people embark on a diet as part of their New Year’s resolution to achieve a healthier, slimmer version of themselves. For many, however, this goal is short-lived. And it’s because these people have failed to identify their true motivating force, or, their “why” for wanting to lose weight. Keep reading to discover your “why!”

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