5 Weight Loss Tips For Healthy People

Don’t we all wish that losing weight was as easy as gaining it? Weight loss is, however, not as hard as you think it is. “Easy” and gradual weight loss requires an altogether different approach. You may have tried to “aggressively” lose weight in the past doing extremely long and impossible workout sessions, accompanied by difficult and unsatisfying diet plans, the result: unsustainable weight loss “success.”

Nutritional Habits

It is time you did something different. It’s high time you enjoyed the process of losing weight just as much as you probably enjoyed adding said weight. In your fitness journey, little things make the difference.

The logic behind weight loss is simply to burn more calories than you consume, not to aggressively consume less. Sounds simple right? But first, where do you start?

Start small & in your comfort zone

For many people, at the start of their fitness journey, the thought of walking into a gym to work out could be terrifying. If you find working out in a gym a little daunting, you could start by walking around your neighborhood several times a week for say, 30 minutes, and gradually increase the time for each session. Alternatively, you could start working out at home using your bodyweight alone till you feel more confident about walking into a gym.

Regardless of if you are using a gym or working out at home, you should start small and within your comfort zone, then gradually build it up. Build confidence gradually by taking baby steps and making small changes.

You’ve got to want it—and badly enough

Truly wanting to lose weight will get you started on that fitness journey and keep you going when your muscles are screaming during a workout session. Don’t be desperate though. Your motivation to lose weight should stem from a desire to live as physically and mentally healthy as you can, and not from a place of negativity, insecurity, and self-criticism. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Keep everything simple

Keep your diet simple. A simple diet could consist of lean proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats, and leafy greens. Cut down on processed foods (many times, these are the real culprits) and replace them with healthier, organic foods.

Keep your workout simple also. Complex and acrobatic exercises would be sure to land you in the ER especially if you are at the start of your fitness journey. Long and tiring workout sessions wouldn’t do you any good, instead, it’ll have an opposite effect.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, simplify your fitness routine.
Eat a combination of carbs and high-proteins at every meal
Yes, it’s just as you read. Every meal should be a mix of proteins and carbs in defined proportions depending on your peculiarities. For instance, how active your lifestyle is, will determine the number of healthy calories you should consume per meal.

Indulge in fruits, not sugary delights

Avoid sweets. Swap those sugary treats for fruit. Fruits are super sweet and will effectively fill that sugary void if you give it a chance.

These simple lifestyle changes would make all the difference in your fitness journey. The process may seem slow, but keep at it, don’t give up, and you are sure to lose all that unwanted weight.

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